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What is Metaphysical Science?
Metaphysical Science is the branch of philosophy responsible for the study of existence. It answers the question "What is?" 

It encompasses everything that exists, as well as the nature of existence itself and bridges the gap between the spiritual and psychological aspects of ourselves. 

Metaphysical practitioners are advanced spiritual healers who utilize their skills in metaphysics to help heal the sick and promote personal growth and transformation in those seeking higher meaning in life, in general.

Michael as a Metaphysical Practitioner uses Spiritual Practices to help aid not only physical conditions but financial and emotional situations as well to help you rediscover your natural state of equilibrium with life.
As you redefine your reality you redefine your life!

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What does Michael offer?
Michael has received graduate training in both spirituality and behavioural science and therapy for a clinical practice, he holds both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics, USA. Michael integrates psychological and spiritual disciplines in his work as appropriate.
In his Metaphysical Science (clinical theology) sessions and healing `treatments`, he offers Spiritual Direction and advice to those discerning their spiritual journeys.
Helping you search for a revelation of love, forgiveness, and good news if you have been in bondage to your feelings and the past.
He provides a safe place for you to experience, be understood, and offers resources for coping and manifesting.
Michael also offers methods for liberation from negative conditionings from the past, dissolving blocked emotions and limitations.
He lets you experience that essentially you have everything inside you to feel alive, abundant and healthy - to be fully human.
His approach is not aimed at creating a better personality, but at making you aware of your uniqueness and the centre of consciousness and power within you.
It begins with love and full acceptance of one´s being and points towards meditation as a way to reach our ultimate state, the highest peak of human consciousness - enlightenment.
Michael`s processes are respectful and collaborative, ones that recognizes the whole person, body, mind and spirit.
Michael will work actively to help you discover new strengths and create more fulfilling, joyful relationships and abundance in the midst of your busy life to find meaning, strength and hope.
His sessions become a peaceful, nurturing place to help you get in touch with your best self, to live more richly, rediscover your natural energy and gifts and find a new balance and meaning and purpose to your life on your sacred journey toward healing, prosperity and wholeness.

The Sessions. 
In-person sessions with Michael usually are for 2 hours (£99) or one hour by telephone or Skype Audio (£50). 
At the first session, Michael will ask you a series of questions about your background and life history. You will be asked what is troubling you and what you consider to be the problem. This will give Michael important information as to the core issues and will be of great help to him in knowing the best way forward to helping you. 
His main methods are through discussion, exploration, teaching and education, metaphysical and universal laws, sensitivity training, meditation (western and mystical), visualization, self-hypnosis, "absent healing", spiritual hypnotherapy, past life regression and healing, dream-work, practical mysticism, working with `prana`, channelling, prayer, affirmations, spiritual mind treatments, mental rebirth treatments, "laying on of hands", breath work, vibrational healing, yogic practices and transcendent awareness. 

N.B. You can also phone Dr. Michael G  Millett on a New York, USA and Sydney, Australia and Dublin, Ireland regular phone line for your session(s)
(see link: Telephone and Skype service below).

Contact Michael by telephone on 0333 121 0788 or 01476 568800 
(Saturday and Sunday Appointments as well).

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Email address is: michael.millett@which.net

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